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Cancel Bluegreen Timeshare

If you are a Bluegreen timeshare owner looking to exit ownership there are a few ways to do so.

Cancel your Bluegreen Timeshare

Consumers who purchased a timeshare from Bluegreen within the last few days should be able to cancel their contract using their state’s rescission laws. State rescission laws allow you to cancel your timeshare contract generally within 3 – 14 days of purchase, varying by state. Your purchase documents should include rescission information.

Using state rescission laws allows you to get out of your Bluegreen timeshare contract for a full refund regardless of your reason for cancelling and without contest from your timeshare company. This option is always better than trying to sell the timeshare yourself since it guarantees you will get all of your money back. Making a profit on the sale of a timeshare is rare, so we always advise timeshare owners to take advantage of their state’s rescission laws when possible.

If you purchased your timeshare from Bluegreen more than a few days ago, selling it on the resale market could be possible. However, if you have a mortgage on the timeshare, you will find it is very difficult to do so. If needed, there are timeshare exit companies with escrow options that can assist those who want to sell their timeshares but still owe money on them.

Selling Bluegreen Timeshares

Trying to sell a Bluegreen timeshare is not for the faint of heart. A quick online search will turn up several Bluegreen timeshare listings for a low as $1. One can even find owners willing to pay all of the closing and transfer fees just to offload their timeshare.

Is Bluegreen a Good Investment?

The short answer is “no.” In fact, no timeshare is a good investment. Generally, timeshares lose value immediately after purchase – up to 90 percent of their value in some cases. If you can buy a timeshare for $1 off ebay, what is the advantage of buying one for $10,000 from Bluegreen?

In fact, some states have made it illegal to claim any investment potential in buying a timeshare. This prevents agents from misrepresenting the absolute possibility that timeshares inevitably, quickly lose value. Make no mistake, “investing in your own happiness,” is not the same thing as investing in your financial future.

We are not saying you cannot go on vacation with your family – but our recommendation is to book a hotel and skip the heartache that comes with timeshare ownership.

What is TimeshareExitAdvice.com?

The best way to safely get rid of a Bluegreen timeshare is to use a timeshare exit company. We do not sell timeshares, nor do we provide cancellation services – we provide free consultation to people who want to exit their timeshare. To start a conversation, begin a live chat now with one of our consultants or fill out a contact form and we will be in touch.

Paying an Up-front Fee

Consider using an escrow payment option for extra peace of mind when cancelling your timeshare. Learn more about escrow and how it can help you avoid scams here (link). The escrow option protects your money in the event that a company goes out of business or otherwise rescinds their money-back guarantee.

Fill out a contact form on the right side of this page, give us a call or engage in live chat for your free timeshare exit consultation.

Note – Always contact Bluegreen first before speaking to anyone about cancelling your timeshare.

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