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Timeshare Compliance Review

Timeshare exit company, Timeshare Compliance, is a trustworthy company that might be able to help you exit your timeshare, regardless of whether or not you still owe a mortgage. In business since 2012, the company is located in Irvine, California.  

What first catches our eye on Timeshare Compliance’s webpage is their escrow payment option. We always recommend timeshare owners consider escrow options when searching for a company to work with. Using an escrow service protects your money from scams and other unforeseen events during the timeshare cancellation process.

Learn more about escrow and how it can help you avoid scams here.

We also appreciate the thoroughness of Timeshare Compliance’s “compliance” page, which allows owners to select their timeshare’s state and see exactly which laws might affect their timeshare contract. Each of Timeshare Compliance’s pages provides extensive – fact-checked – information for owners to help them understand each law.

Timeshare Compliance also takes time to explain why they use escrow versus an up-front fee. They also assure owners that the company will not pressure owners to purchase additional services. Other timeshare exit companies have been known to coax owners into signing up for additional timeshare products throughout the cancellation process, which should be avoided – you do not need to purchase more products in order to exit your timeshare.

Timeshare Compliance Customer Reviews

Timeshare Compliance’s website features plenty of positive customer reviews. Of course, we like to explore reviews off of company websites to ensure we are not just looking at biased feedback. Reviews for Timeshare Compliance on Better Business Bureau (BBB) are also overwhelmingly positive, which earns the company even more of our trust.

Timeshare Compliance Cost and Fees

Like most timeshare exit companies, Timeshare Compliance asks that owners contact them directly for a quote.

Timeshare Compliance Summary

Because of Timeshare Compliance’s glowing reviews, in-depth legal analysis, and escrow payment option, they absolutely earn our endorsement.

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