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Timeshare Answers Review

Timeshare exit and resale company, Timeshare Answers, might be able to help you get out of your timeshare ownership. Founded in 2009, Timeshare Answers is based in Orlando, Florida.

Timeshare Answers shares the same address and phone number as timeshare-answers.com; timeshare-help.com; timesharescamhelp.com; timeshare-question.com; and timesharecancelservices.com. It is not necessarily a red flag for a company to have so many URLs, but we do wonder if a constant name change signals a bad reputation at one or the other.

Timeshare Answers’ site briefly discusses the value and resale potential of timeshares, explaining that some timeshares retain values while others might not. This is an accurate explanation and does not give us pause.

It is interesting to us that Timeshare Answers offers timeshare cancellation, rental and resale. Most companies will either work in cancellation or rental and resale, but rarely both. Some licensed real estate agents hesitate to affiliate themselves with contract exit services because of the risk to their reputation. This might explain why their other site, timesharecancelservices.com, does not mention resale.

On the timesharecancelservices.com site, there is the mention of a 100% money-back guarantee, which we encourage owners to be skeptical of. A money-back guarantee means the company definitely asks for fees up front before they begin work. There is also no true guarantee that a company will keep its promise.

It is odd that in another section, the company states that “fees are due when services are rendered.” If no payment is needed before services are rendered, we wonder what the point is of a money-back guarantee.

In the instance up-front-fees are required, we advise against them. Instead, we always recommend owners consider using company with an escrow payment option for extra peace of mind when cancelling their timeshare. Learn more about escrow and how it can help you avoid scams here. An escrow option helps keep you and your money protected regardless of the timeshare company’s financial status.

We are also skeptical of Timeshare Answers’ commitment to helping owners get their money back that they paid for their timeshare. Without the use of a lawsuit, getting your money back is extremely unlikely.

Timeshare Answers Customer Reviews

Testimonials on the company website are, of course, overwhelmingly positive. Of course, we always recommend looking at third-party review sites for the whole truth. In taking a look at their business page with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), reviews are still all positive. None, however, mention that the company was able to win back the money they paid for their timeshare.

Timeshare Answers Cost and Fees

Timeshare Answers does not specify a cost for their services, which is normal for a timeshare cancellation company.Fill out a contact form on the right side of this page, give us a call or engage in live chat for free timeshare exit consultation

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