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Helping Timeshare Owners Review

Timeshare exit company, Helping Timeshare Owners, might be able to help you get out of your timeshare ownership. Founded in 2010, Helping Timeshare Owners is based in Orlando, Florida, with affiliate locations around the U.S. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) confirms the company is closely tied to another timeshare exit company called Orlando Ventures.

Helping Timeshare Owners claims they offer a 100% money-back guarantee, which we always take with a grain of salt. A 100% money-back guarantee is never actually guaranteed, and it tells us that the company asks for an up-front payment.

When it comes to up-front payments, we always recommend using a company with an escrow payment option for extra peace of mind when cancelling your timeshare. Learn more about escrow and how it can help you avoid scams here (link). An escrow option helps keep you and your money protected regardless of the timeshare company’s financial status.

The company’s website does mention state rescission periods, which we like; timeshare owners who recently purchased timeshares (usually within 3 – 7 days) are easily able to cancel ownership by using their state rescission laws.

Helping Timeshare Owners Customer Reviews

The company’s status with the BBB is cause for concern. Helping Timeshare Owners has earned themselves an “F” rating as well as dozens of complaints. Most of the complaints are related to poor communication and difficulty acquiring refunds. Some timeshare owners were advised by Helping Timeshare Owners to stop paying their timeshare fees, which is not advisable.

To their credit, Helping Timeshare Owners has taken the time to comment on each complaint until resolution.

Helping Timeshare Owners Cost and Fees

Helping Timeshare Owners does not specify a cost for their services, which is normal for a timeshare cancellation company. BBB complaints cite costs from $1,826 to $3,192.
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